Traditions, Reinventing – A Bingetherapy Remedy

Love celebrating a certain holiday, but can’t stand the food that’s served? Maybe you think there’s a fantastic tradition you would like to participate in, but it’s never been available to you before? It sounds to me like you’ve got some traditions that need reinventing.

The Crawley family and their servant staff from Downton Abbey had plenty of traditions that needed to be reinvented. There’s a marriage between a family member and a chauffeur, there’s war, there’s less money, there’s women who want to work! From start to finish of this entire series, you will see a group of people shift in ways they sometimes resisted, and other times eagerly adopted.There’s so much comfort to take that despite it all looking incomprehensibly different than what they had expected, they all turn out fine. Life goes on. Love still happens.

In Good Bye, Lenin!, Alex tenderly reinvents traditions to comfort his mother who wouldn’t be able to bear the seismic shifts undergoing in East Berlin after the fall of the Berlin Wall. He feeds her a diet, shows her TV programs, and engages her with hobbies that are all utterly at odds with the world outside of her bedroom. It’s a beautiful example of a family’s ability to straddle the new world, and to keep an edited version of the old world at home, even if the old world has some menacing secrets.

As the stalwart Mr Carson from Downton Abbey says “We must always travel in hope.” Traditions don’t have to be set in stone, and reinventing them to suit new circumstances will fill your life with hope that family, love and happiness can change and travel through time, and still be there when you need them.

Prescription for reinventing traditions – binge upon:

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