Traditions, Following: A Bingetherapy Remedy

There’s a powerful animal magnetism in traditions, so powerful that people feel like an essential part of their life has been stolen if they can’t eat a food they associate with a special day – even if they don’t really enjoy eating that dish! No wonder that we can feel adrift when life circumstances change, and traditions aren’t just happening around us.

The fastest way to notice the absence of beloved traditions is to spend time in other cultures, countries, and celebrations. My first Christmas with my family-in-law in Singapore was a fast realisation that the magic actually lies in my dad’s cooking – not the day of the year. As we build lives with intercultural, interfaith and international partners, there’s a skill in celebrating important personal traditions without significant people in our lives fully understanding or participating in them.

Audrey, in To The Manor Born, is a perfect example of someone who meticulously crafts ways to keep the traditions alive of her heritage and way of life – despite going broke, being out of fashion with national trends, and falling in love with a man from another country. If there’s anyone to be inspired by, it has to be this woman who has pure class, and the driest wit in the county. She’s strong. Yes, sometimes there’s too much pride and stubbornness, but you need a bit of gumption to march to the beat of your own drum.

Moana is another perfect example of marching to the beat of her own drum – she hears a drum beating from her people, her culture, her heritage and she must follow it. Ultimately, Moana finds her identity and transforms from someone who doesn’t just perform her culture because ‘that’s the way things are done’, but finds meaning and transformational qualities in her traditions.

Wherever you find yourself in this big wide world, you have the ability to follow your traditions with a bit of imagination and fierceness. Doing it all to a Disney song doesn’t hurt too.

Prescription for following traditions – binge upon:

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