Traditions, Breaking – A Bingetherapy Remedy

Chances are, if you fell in love with someone who is outside of your own race, culture, faith, and/or country, you probably are comfortable with differences. It tends to be those around us who get squeamish about our relationships being different and about us doing things differently.

In Grand Designs, people are consistently showcased for choosing to build their home with different materials, techniques or some unconventional thing. They aren’t just doing this for shits and giggles, they are investing their life savings, so much time, and ridiculous amounts of stress, so that they can build a happy home for their families. And here’s the kicker – everyone around them is doubting them. EVEN the host of the bloody show isn’t confident in the outcome. Each show is a bite of deliciousness as their vision triumphs over the doubters. It will make you want to go out and say “No!” to the traditions that don’t work for you.

There’s not always triumph though, sometimes there is a lot of pain when breaking traditions. Chava knows this pain in Fiddler on the Roof, when her father is heartbroken by her marriage outside of the Jewish faith. She is faced with the impossible decision of losing her father’s love or losing her chance at happiness in her own new family. People often disbelieve that a father would really stop loving his daughter, but Chava is a comfort to those who have experienced rejection from their family over their life choices. Eventually some warmth may return to the relationship, but in the meantime, Chava goes on to live her life as a good person. She is a testament to the distinction between being a ‘good [insert faith]’, and a good person.

So as you embark on doing things differently, and perhaps even breaking some hearts as you break traditions, take comfort in the freedom you have in being the architect of your life, and that you can still be a good person, even if you are a badass rebel.

Prescription for breaking traditions – binge upon:

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