Sweet Digs for Living with the ‘Rents

The idea of having children freaks me out – not the kids bit, or the money bit, or any of the maintaining a relationship stuff. Honestly, I am just petrified of the time bit. Having none of it, I mean. I expect to work full time as soon as possible, and so will Homeboy. And although I don’t have terrible memories of growing up in various childcare arrangements, I don’t really desire that for my own kids. How do you run a house and not have your kids in childcare and still work full time? How?

The idea of Homeboy’s mum coming to live with us has floated up a few times, and the more I think about it, the more I really like the idea on the proviso of living in a house that still allows for privacy and parties and good times for everyone without always having to share the same space.

‘The Pod’ by Takt looks like a beautiful solution to this very problem. Takt’s clients are a family of four with grandparents who visit for the summer from overseas. I can’t even imagine the challenges of having someone stay for so long, yet not all the time, and every year – you’d get in and out of rhythms with each other. Based on personal experience, I could totally see the first few weeks going really well, and by about week 6, seeing a wet sponge in the sink would send me into a DEFCON 2 meltdown: “for fucks sake, this is my kitchen and I am sick of sharing it with people who are so disrespectful of my space”. It would then, without a doubt, turn out that I was the person who left the wet sponge in the sink. Sigh.

The delicious space that is found with this long passageway between the house and ‘Pod’ is perfection. No-one is rejected and out in the backyard, but it’s far enough away (and a couple of closed doors) to be able to have a friends over without disturbing each other.

And look at the gorgeousness of this space! There’s a kitchenette so no-one goes starving while we’re in our private spaces. It’s light, bright and airy – but compact enough to fit in a kitchen, dining, living and sleeping area. The Pod dwellers have the ability to entertain in their space as well, practically living in a separate apartment. All it would need is a separate entry to the main house, and you would be clueless about the comings and goings of each other. Which is not to say I want a house where I never see whoever is living in the Pod – I just want a house where we can choose not to see each other. Because let’s face it, sometimes we all just need to slip out of our bedrooms and return with snacks, and not see anyone in between. #secreteating #onlycountsifyougetcaught

Anyway, go and check out the rest of the gorgeous pictures of the Pod here.

Do you need your space? What lengths are you willing to go to get your sweet, sweet quiet time?

P.S. I’m off to do something important now… I swear it’s not secret eating.

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