Conflict, Family – A Bingetherapy Remedy

Does spending time with your family feel like entering a cage of batshit crazy people fighting because fighting is fun? Maybe someone likes eating their toenails – or perhaps someone is stealing someone else’s man? More realistically, someone probably is way too into their religion they interpret as controlling others, and someone else is just racist. Whatever it is – it’s weird, it’s slightly disturbing, it’s dramaaaaaaa.

One perfect parallel for surviving your family circus is Jerry Springer, a man who clearly has absolutely no control over the situation unfolding in front of him, and is spending time with people he would never choose to have as his friends. Also – the show is in it’s 26th season as of 2017, seriously, does the drama never end?

There’s gold to be dug in Jerry’s ability to stay pretty cool and detached from the stories being presented to him – that’s probably helped by some of the worst acting known to mankind from the guests. It’s not like families don’t ham it up either, sometimes it actually happens that a poorly written sarcastic joke in a Facebook post has been read by an uncle in Perth who rang an Aunty in Singapore who told your mother-in-law without any of the sarcasm and the whole family, including your partner, now thinks you’re a meanie (yup, true story).

Be inspired by Jerry’s easy laugh and immunity to the drama. He’s just there to get his pay check, just like we’re at family events to just do the right thing. Jerry freely admits himself “I would never watch my show” and we often admit to ourselves that we would never choose our own families. Still, the show, and our families, go on.

And when you can’t avoid being dragged into the drama, take your cues from Armand (or Renato in the original French film) of The Birdcage. He loves his family so very much, and yet opens his home up to people that would freely admit to hating his kind. He hurts people he loves so that he can help other people he loves – he can’t get it right because the situation is so wrong. But he tries – he keeps coming back to his love for his son, for his partner, for his choices he has made to pursue the life he wants. He’s one tough trucker.

Whether you’re able to remain an impartial Jerry, or get dragged in as a complicit Armand/Renato, these are some good words for surviving the drama, especially as a couple: “take care yourself and each other.”

Prescription for family conflict – binge upon:

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