3 Rituals to Immediately Make You Feel at Home

Turning a house into a home is a life long endeavour for some people. Some people even talk about things like ‘forever homes’. But these people are probably not negotiating with family across the world, and choosing to rent in areas they can’t afford to buy because it’s one of the places they feel comfortable as an interracial couple. Also, don’t you get itchy to see another part of the world after a few years?! I know I have had itchy feet for the past 10 years, just waiting for the next opportunity for an adventure.

I think I have moved 10+ times in the last 10 years between studying overseas, to university sharehouses, back to the parents, moving countries and on the list goes. Some of the moves have been to gorgeous condos with a view onto the pool, and some have been into teeny tiny studio apartments affectionately dubbed ‘the rabbit cage’ overlooking a busy road.

A rule I have found with each move is that I can get back to having fun after I feel at home in my space. Otherwise, I just feel agitated and restless, and probably very irritated with some ugly thing that is driving me bonkers. (Does anyone else have ugly allergy, akin to hay fever, but for the eyes?)

I wanted to share with you 3 rituals that I have found really help me feel at home. This probably isn’t everything, but if I couldn’t do these 3 things, I know I would feel totally rudderless in my space. And the fun thing about this is because it’s a ritual, Homeboy gets in on it too, and it feels like our thing – which just makes me feel even more at home.

Ritual One – Get the smell right

I can’t live without my essential oils and oil diffuser. I’ve even created a bit of a signature smell for our house, which involves Lavender, Peppermint and a slight touch of Lemongrass. I like to light it before we go to bed, but also when we’re lounging about on weekends, before guests arrive, and just when I need a little lift.

The cool thing about having a signature smell for our home is that no matter where we are living, it smells right. It’s like when you’ve been out all day, and you meet up with your S/O at the end of the day, and as you hug, you smell their neck and your whole body just knows ‘HOME’.

Ritual Two – Eliminate the ugly

If the place comes decorated with paintings you can’t stand, take them down, or cover them with fabrics you can stand. Rearrange furniture until the layout works for you, put your things about that you really adore, and scrub the place until it feels clean and fresh. I think happiness is a choice, and so is beauty in your surroundings.

This is something I tend to be lazy about, and then I wonder why I feel sad and lost. So now I try to be somewhat disciplined about getting the new space looking good, or at least eliminating the ugly. I feel so sad when I visit friends and they are embarrassed by their home, and point out something that they’ve hated for 2 years. If it’s not something we would wish on others, we shouldn’t allow it for ourselves either.

Ritual Three – Make little rituals to celebrate the best bits

In one apartment there was a 7Eleven under our house. At night I would go down and buy a little treat. I wouldn’t buy treats from the supermarket, I would leave it to my nightly visit to the 7Eleven. It was just such a buzz to live in such high density living and to have conveniences like that available. I grew up where the closest fast food outlet was a 90 minute drive away – high density living still blows my mind!

In my current bedroom I have the dreamiest weekend mornings where I just lay and stare at the ceilings. I know… weird… but the ceilings are just spectacularly high and I adore them. I used to dream about living in a high ceiling house, and on those light filled mornings when I’m lazing in bed, I just luxuriate in the feeling of living the dream!

Whatever it is that’s the best bit about where you’re living, I highly recommend making the best of the best bit.

If you have just recently moved, are preparing for your first move, or packing for the 10th time, I hope you can carve out a little bit of home wherever you find yourself.

Do you have any rituals of your own that help you to feel at home? I bet each and every one of us has a treasure trove of great ideas!


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