10 Moments That Prove the Struggle is Real in International Relationships and #worthit

1 – From the first day you decided to make your relationship official, you collected everything that could prove your relationship to a government authority. Invitations, photos, bank statements – it’s kind of creepy if you think about it.

2 – You’re still trying to repress the memory of having to ask people like your Mother-In-Law for written statements on your relationship for a migration visa application.

3 – Once you finally got to lodge your migration visa application, The Waiting started – which is probably one of the most stressful times of your life, not knowing if you will be able to be with the person you love most in the world. But once you survive The Waiting, you know you can get through anything as a couple!

4 – Although you don’t really say this out loud, you have ended up living in a town that you probably wouldn’t have chosen if you could live anywhere in the world. But your Significant Other is there, so it’s ok.

5 – Now you find yourself excited to see the family from overseas, because let’s be honest, you get along much better with them when you live in different countries.

6 – But it does get a little tiring spending half of your holidays being a tour guide for visiting family members.

7 – At least missing them helps when you know you’re totally getting ripped off on flight tickets… but you HAVE to be at that family wedding and will pay whatever it takes!

8 – In fact, you get quite used to weird financial commitments you never knew would be part of your international relationship. Exchange rates are actually something you look at even when you’re not going on holiday!

9 – And although you have to go through hard things when you move countries, like starting your career all over again because your qualification isn’t recognised…

10 – You get the incredible adventure of feeling like a global citizen with your best friend in the entire world!

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