5 Reasons Why I Started Stat Dec Life

Whether the relationship is Inter – national OR Inter – cultural OR Inter – racial OR Inter – faith, the couples and families that muddle through these inter-relationships are just so special. We face countless invisible challenges in order to be together. And we build lives together that are just so damn unique, and fearless, and strong, and cool.

How do I know? Because I’m in an inter-relationship, and I LOVE meeting people who are also in one. We get to ask each other the questions that no-one else understands. How did your visa application go? Have your families met? Do you plan to stay here for long?  What food was your best discovery?

So I started Stat Dec Life to do 5 things:

1. To celebrate

Inter-relationships deserve to be celebrated for systematically breaking down barriers – but more importantly, for throwing epic parties and finding ingenious ways to authentically live our meshed lives. We just don’t get the air time we deserve!

2. To share

I’ve had plenty of curly questions that I wished I could ask a friend, but didn’t know anyone with similar experiences. Stat Dec Life can be that resource to share the guidance, hope and fun that we all need sometimes.

3. To explore

I couldn’t think of anything more fun that writing about the stuff that makes inter-relationships work. I’ll be filling up Stat Dec Life with posts that talk about the stuff of life, whether it’s food, style, or dealing with the ‘rents.

4. To meet you!

As I said at the start – I LOVE meeting people are are also in inter-relationships. For people who lead such unique lives, we miraculously have tons in common! If Stat Dec Life were to do one thing only, it would be forming a community to share our stories, to have a laugh and to connect with wonderful people. So make sure to comment with your own experiences, and connect into Stat Dec Life through the blog or other places. It is such a pleasure to meet you.

5. Because we’re all in our own paper boats

Sometimes people starting inter-relationships have to take huge leaps to just begin their lives together. When you have to make a statutory declaration to some official body for things like residency, it can feel like you’ve set to sail in a paper boat. But that’s the amazing thing about paper boats, with just a few adaptations to a piece of paper, you have a vessel that can float and wind its way down a stream. The Stat Dec Life paper boat is all about the incredible resilience and adaptability of inter-relationships, making good lives wherever we find ourselves.

Happy floating, paper boat friends!



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